Architect Kefalonia is an architectural and construction company who focuses in quality design and technological specialization.

It offers a complete series of services from the first stage of design to the finished project.

The company was founded in 2005 by Georgia Galiatsatou an architectural engineer,graduate of the National Metsovio University (1999-2005).

Until 2017 the company has taken action on the study and the supervision of private buildings and specifically homes,business projects and touristic lodging.

From 2017 the company’s activities expanded into the construction area.

From 2022 the company expanded into the real estate sector (

The target of the company is the best result and the adequant in the esthetic of each project.

The team of engineers and the partners of the company secures that all the projects that are being designed,are occurred and constructed according to very high qualities.

Architect Kefalonia fuctions and applies the proper rules and legistations that are being presvribed for every project.